Narrorator: it all started one fine afternoon while in the town of woody weedy village when...-

Mw3king: got the BEST sword in the galaxy! Only for 1,000,000,001!!!

Evilboii: got the SICKEST dong hat evarrr for those lovely cat ears!!

Xxsnwdropp: -_-

Touhouking: *groans*

Jesst7: ugh

Darksky13: really, again

Beastdude: they really are dumb for being scammers

Rebeks: no the people that actually believe it are dumb...

Alicehunts: good thing our guild is full of smart people that wouldn't fall for that baloney!!

Gra1214: yeah!

Xxfoxface: whatever😒 -leans against post-

-hitomi comes running to the village crying bloody Murder-

Everyone: what's wrong hit?

Hitomi10: I just got scammed! They took my kitty ears and all my money :,(

-awkrard silence-

The End!!!

Hope you enjoyed neon! Ps to hitomi, I know you really wouldn't do this!! Just for laughs! Bye😁 Talk about scammers is happening a lot throughout twin so I made a funny little story out of it! B-bye🐧🐔🐤🐦

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