Darksky: hi Bekah!!!!

Rebeks: hey :/

Darksky: what's wrong Bekah?!!

Rebeks: well beastdude...I think has a phobia of being on camera...

Darksky: so your sad because?

Rebeks: well because I want to see what he looks like!!!!

-snowie walks past us on her phone talking to her "mom"

Snow: okay "mom" (secret name for her boyfriend) okay yeah love you too, bye.

Darksky: so what did you "mom" want? -starts laughing-

Snow: well y'know to see if I was okay

Rebeks: okay snow.

Snow: um anyway, what are you guys doing just sitting here all awkwardly together?

Darksky: well snow, if you must know, it's because Bekah is concerned with beastdude

Snow: oh I get it ;)

Rebeks: n-no not like that snow! "-.-"

Snow: m-mhhmmmm


Rebeks: ugh whatever! -gets up and runs off-

-dark and snow look in confusion-

Snow: I was only kidding...

Narrator: as Rebeks was walking along she ran into fox and hit who she started to chat with

Hit: so Wassup Rebeks? -spazes- kittehs rule!!!

Rebeks: um well, don't you guys think that beast has a camera phobia because he won't take a picture of himself?

Hit: well my daddy may just be self consiess about himself because he is pretty ugly...

Fox: yeah, you could say that.... But it's probably because he just dosent want to.

-Rebeks, hit, and fox pause-


Fox: idk but there has to be a logical explanation for his camera phobia...

-beastdude walks over from tree he was spying on them from-

Rebeks: oh uh hey beastie....

Beastdude: you wanna know the real reason huh?

Rebeks: um uh, yeah I mean, um yeah I do.

Beastdude: the real reason is because....I just don't want to. And don't worry about it to much okay? :)

Rebeks: -smiles- okay X)

Fox: -thinks in head- oh, s*** I was right. Huh..

The End! Hope you liked it! And I love you neon!!!

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