Hey, I am trying to be serious this time.

I am left out of most NeoN things now.. I used to be fully included, back in the old days, but now it seems like you dont give a shit about me.

~I NEVER HEARD ABOUT US BEING KOSED!!! You literally never told me about Fatality kosing us! So I kept going to beach and losing fucking 100+ fame!! -.- 

~I am barely ever spoken to.. I think you all are forgetting me </3 Especially Dad, being the gm and never informing me about what's important..

~I am thinking of leaving NeoN and quitting twom, not like it seems any of you care, currently.

 Also, you guys are starting to abandon wiki again! 

~I log on every day, waiting to see notifications, and nothing appears, then I check recent activity and nothing new is there either...

So, how about acting like you care again? Or really caring!

I want to stay, but I won't if you guys don't care anymore.. So if you do care, how about actually including me or at least INFORMING me about current events!!! I've been in NeoN for over a year now, but it seems like nobody cares anymore... So, like I said, if I have to this will be my goodbye, guys.

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