The reason for 'Spring' is that I live in New York, what's spring? My birthday is in a month, I'll be 12, yeah I'm just super young, aren't I? I kind of wish that Snow or sis, or Jay, or Blast even - someone from the old days, would talk or show up somewhere.

I'm going to be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this Friday, how fantastic. I've never seemed to care and yet my grades are still above average - the Asian in me? XD Honor Society seems to be such a big deal for the teachers, but none of us students take it seriously, heh, oops.

My life has been boring, haven't seen depression in a while, phew. Everything has been average, I'd say. I still have little to no friends and am not taken seriously by others nor adults, but hey, that's life. I also don't go outside or try to make friends, if I'm friends with someone they're likely to be like me and stay inside forever.

~Annisa aka Hitomi~

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