Hai everyone! I kind of got bored of my normal week schedule which consists of:

1.) Wake up at 5:30 am

2.) Find clothing

3.) Take a shower

4.) Dry my hair

5.) Put clothes on

6.) Makeup, lol

7.) Go to school blah blah, next!

8.)  Get home around 4:17 pm ( exception for Mondays and Thursdays because of Spanish and Craft clubs )

9.) Eat

10.) Watch Youtube


12.) Fangirl over the 11th Doctor >:3

13.) Do HW

14.) SLEEP

                                                                           AND REPEAT

So, I decided I should stop by again and see if anybody goes on here except for me anymore. If you do come on wiki, comment or else the Daleks will assassinate every living human being, ever. I also want to ask if anybody knows any good rock bands. :) Hope you guys have fun with your lives!


                                                                                                            Love, Hitomi aka Annisa :3

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