Hey guys, just wanna drop by and say something on this page. Personally I think that NeoN was on the verge of the 'obsolete' stage when I first joined the guild. LOL. I'm happy now that lots of the officers are recruiting members back and this shows that NeoN is getting known by the public again. Nevertheless, anything would not be possible without our Guild Master, Beastdude( I called him Boss) and the new and old members of NeoN itself. So, keep going and be happy always! Hopefully this time we will be able to have pros in our guild! ( ^^ ) 

Oh, and by the way, to all the officers, can you guys please "filter" a player before recruiting them to the guild? I feel annoyed when some of them just leave the guild without saying anything to the guild master or the officers. I know it is too much, but this is how things should work, like what me and Choco have in Eden Eternal. ( @@ ) Just a suggestion anyway. ( ==" ) 

Okay, now I don't know what to say. ( ==" ) buhbye guys. 



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