Hey guys,just wanna drop by and say something on this page. I realized there's a lot of things that has been going on over the weeks involving members of NeoN itself. ;/

Okaayy...Even though I "seldom" talk to people using the Guild Chat, but I'm actually there, I can read everything that you people said. Anndd urm...I've notice that recently somebody is trying to frame NeoN's member for scamming an account, I seriously don't even know that these things can happen? And very recently too, some of NeoN's member got into an argument, causing some of them to leave the guild. ( T 3 T )  Almost recently again, as in recent recent(I mean today) ( ==" ) a member of NeoN quit for getting into a simple friendly arguments between the members itself.

I just hope that everything will be okay now. Don't simply make childish decision, just because you got into an argument or you didn't get what you want from whoeva it might be you wanted it to be - ranting gibberish - Nevertheless, NeoN is full of members now, which means that it is one of the most active guild in the TURTLEZ server, and pretty much a lot of people know this guild. So, yeah, please don't ruin NeoN . ( T 3 T ) Now I don't know what to say. ++ "  Have a nice day ahead, people. =) 



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