ToriPear is the reason how NeoN started. She's really special and this is the story of what has happened. Tori will say some stuff and so will I.

When I first met Darksky13, we were both being flirted by the same guy, Bryan00 on the island with lighthouse. He basically stalked Dark until I came and saved her. At the time I was the guild master for my guild, saphira, so I basically took her under my wing. She became my second in command. Then about a month or two I couldn't get on TWOM. When I did, I found out my guild was almost gone. I didn't understand at first, I thought we were like a family, no one gets left behind kind of thing. Then I found out they did stay together. Dark made a guild, NeoN, along with our close friend, rebeks, and where everyone missing was. This is where I turn it over to Darksky, to fill in the blanks that I'm not so sure about.

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