Today I experienced another scam syndicate :3 Players involved bowking, bowqueen(not sure about the name tho), Tanqie and DixRus I believed same person. While I was using shout chat to sell my items at LH, bowking suddenly PM me and offered a good deal with his ranger Lv 39 for 4million. As I keep ignoring 'bowking' he finally said he going to sell his lv 39 ranger for 1.5million full equip. I know he is trying to scam me and thinking that I am 10 years old and greedy and to fall with the GOOD OFFER. When he asked me who is my guild leader I said Beastdude. He replied me that Beastdude is currently on his ranger lv 30. I find that it is really funny ROFL!! Because an hour ago the real Beastdude said he is going to sleep. As the conversation goes on... I decided to use DarkSky name >o< sorry for that Darky. I ask the fake Beastdude 'where is DarkSky?' and replied me 'DarkSky just went off' 

I will attach the SS. I didn't take all the chat :3 because I tried to ignore them LOl and my batt 0% 
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