Note: This probably won't happen: Me quitting and all. I might wake up tomorrow, wanting to play twom. I just had a bad day playing twom: being ganged, friends leaving, losing in general. But what I'm writing is true, this game just isn't that fun anymore. This is an entry of my current thoughts about twom.

Guys, I'm writing this blog to say that I'm considering quitting twom. There are many reasons...

1. This game isn't as fun as it used to be

2. Many friends that I've known quit the game

3. I'm always lagging and it can be frustrating

4. The guild is silent and empty now that most of the fun talky members left

I've already given away 1k of fame and I might sell the rest. I will continue to play until darky returns, then i will probably play one more month. So basically, I'm probably gonna keep on playing for 2 more months. There's a small chance i will continue to play but as of now, I'm not sure. Everytime I play twom, i'm not having that much "fun". The game has become quite boring and sadly, I'm starting to feel like I'm wasting my time because this game isn't that entertaining. I always think to myself: "Ok, so my goal is to reach lvl 30, what then? The equips are only going to be more expensive, leveling up will be even harder and take a lot more time" Basically, I'm running out of reasons to keep on playing the game. 

As for now, I will fulfill my promise of taking care of the guild until Darky returns, but it feels like I'm only taking care of a guild with a handful of people who still go on. If I do decide to quit in the very end, I will either sell all my equips and give the money to a select few or just give them the equips. 

I need support and advice on what to do :( 

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