Alright, so I'm guessing you all already heard the news: a new map (Sky Castle) will be released soon!!!

[Read all about it in our Neon Newspaper and click on the links included for further info]

I'm hoping that once it launches, we could gather as many guildmates as we can and go rush into the sky castle and explore the awesomeness!! Of course, it doesn't have to be on the launch day. We can probably gather when there are a lot of guildmates online. We need guildmates who are LV 24+ to join our special guild expedition because the weakest monsters are LV 26. If you don't reach the level requirement then you can still tag along but your safety won't be guaranteed. People who used to be a part of NeoN, and/or are considered to be friendly to our guild, may join us.

I've heard that many other guilds will do the same thing, so why not us? ^-^ Also, traveling as a whole group would increase our chance of survival and would intimidate any potential pkers (which there will be). I also think this would be a good way to boost our guild's morale. We might take screenshots during the expedition so get ready! >:D

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