Hey for those noobs in The Wrold Of Magic (TWOM) on Server TURTLEZ (LANOS). I would be glad to help any noobs at the lvl 1-10. I would personaly explain the game to you, help you lvl, help you get gold, and more junk. If you would like my help please leave a Message (MSG) here or send me a Private Message (PM) on the game. Once again, my name is TouhouKing (Nicknames: Toto, Totoro, King, and more (For more Nicknames please go to Member Nicknames )). For anyone on the game if you would like to know more about TWOM or Etc Informatoin Please ask me and ill do my best to explain and a more clear way then most people can or you can check out the TWOM Wikia and if you would like to learn how to play with out my help or the wikia please go to Com2Us or go to How to play TWOM . If you would like to be a fan on Facebook(FB) for TWOM please go here TWOM FB or if you would like to follow them on Twitter go to TWOM Twitter. Yea, I know I added alot of junk to this blog, but hopfully it will help you all out. If there is something you dont understand please MSG me okay or leave a comment below.

PS: Later one I will be posting the fastes way to get cash and how to lvl faster ... But for now Bye NeoN

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