Hey everyone from neon! :D It's me Toto again lol ^-^ I wanted to let you all know something... so I will be going into the navy and will be leaving at the end of dec, but theres a slim chance ill leave earlier like in nov. XD Honestly i can't wait and ive been running a lot getting read and more hehe... I want to try fo the seals XD so badly!

so when I leave I'll be gone for 2 months for boot camp

-wont get to talk to the outside world when im in bootcamp Dx 

After boot camp I'll be in the navy for 4 years ^-^ dont worry Its still a normal life but being in the navy (you can think the navy as a job xD) so after I leave I'll still be listed in for another 4 years 

but After the navy ill be going to collage and enjoying my self, visting a lot of people I know and more :3 I'll be studying crimnal justice lol XD

hehe if you have any questions feel free to ask meh!

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