aka Fayth

  • I live in Malaysia
  • My occupation is Chambering Law Student
  • I am Female

I wish I'm Saber.LOLOLOLOL XD

Hello everyone, my name is Fayth. I'm currently playing TWOM on TURTLEZ server and I'm a NeoN member. I'm currently training a warrior.

I have other accounts which I certainly have no time to train but sometimes I do log the account and make sure they are active. O_o  boring intro, lol.

- FaythJane lvl 22 mage TURTLEZ

- Dessiree lvl 10 mage TURTLEZ

What am I doing now:

-In real life, I'm a hardcore female gamer. Period. I played Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia and so much more that could possibly end my laptop's life. I'm playing game to release my stress as I'm a law student and intern and these law thingy is pretty hard. So, yeah. 

-I'm doing my internship a.k.a chambering period with a law firm speciailizing in land and family disputes. Land matters as in my firm is handling Native Customary Rights cases, other than that dealing with criminal cases too. Hmm.

My hobbies:

-Playing games. Duuhh.

-Reading (I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan. Go Sir Athur Conan Doyle! O , O  Damn Im a nerd.)

-Listening to music (anything except jazz. Who the heck can stand Jazz?! >< )

-Shopping. (Typical I know. ++" )

-Badminton and Chess. (Hardly have time to play badminton ==" . Busy as hell.)

-Eat. =="  no worries I never get fat. LOLZ ChocoSword knows it :p

What I'm obsessed with:

-Chocolates. =="

-Green Tea. =="

-ANIME! ^^ (Hardcore fan for Fate Stay Night, Fate Zero. Aside from these, I've watched tons of anime, Ask me anything. But I don't like Naruto and Fairy Tail. Don't Know why. Lolz)

-Justice. XD (Kidding ==" )

-Youtube. ( @_@ )

-Japan. XD (I'm learning the Japanese language,the basics right now. Anime helps a lot. @.@ ) 


Me and ChocoSword slacking at the village XD

Sooo...that is pretty much it. I'm a quiet gamer, I'm not that talkative.(Exception: Certain people X3) Urm...ookaayy I don't Know what to say. 

I'm an active player, so you can probably see me going berserk killing mobs in the virtual world. LOLOLZ. ==" Just say hi if you see me, okay? ^^

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