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  • I live in a mansion >:D
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Legendary


Yo, I'm Beastdude from turtlez lanos! You can call me beast. I am lv 30 and in the guild NeoN. I'm the beast of NeoN and pretty much everyone knows me, but if you dont know me then i hope i get to know you, y'know. Anyways, if you need help with anything, just ask me. I'm too smexy for you -o- so ya know gotta catch em all at beach ;D trololol

-iconoatmealtsui-<--------- Here you go Catson! I found this for you x3 Hehe you know who I am (OMG A MUDKIPZ O_O)

Tehehe :3 Yw Catson~

[I feel like my profile is lacking σ_σ, so i'm gonna add more stuff ^-^]

Hobbies/Talents/Things I Like:

-- Playing guitar and learning my piano, listening to music <3

-- Playing twom of course ^-^

-- I'm quite skilled in soccer and baseball. Ironically, I'm not that good at basketball

-- Watching movies

-- Procrastinating....a lot

-- I can play pool (billiards)

-- Tacos

-- Swords, i ♥ swords ^o^

(that's all i got for now)

[I edited ur lvl cuz u needa update that once in a while and if u don't know who I am then -0- <-- u can guess now right]

[Who the heck are you? >:o Get off my profile >:0]
Holy sh sword by s3n1sh1 (1)

Is that a ... sword?!

[daddy y do u live in a closet owo i thought we live in a house owo]

[ok fine, we'll move then -o-]

[yay mansion lets buy a pool filled with poptarts owo]

My Accounts:

(P.S: I might have other accounts not mentioned here)

- Beastdude (TZ/Lanos Warrior) [Main]

- Fronze (TZ/Lanos Ranger) [BF1 Camper]

- MrTaco (TZ/Lanos Mage) [BF2 Camper - in training]

- SteveArrow (TZ/Siras Warrior) [Borrowed]

- MagicKiwi (TZ/Siras Mage)

- Catson (Waddy/Lanos Ranger)

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