Behold the first ever TWOM trivia!!!! This trivia consists of everything village-related. There isn't a single winner which means anyone can win. You may submit your answers to Do NOT submit your answers on the comments. Prizes will be awarded near Sep. 1 (deadline). Please note that you must be a member of NeoN in order to participate.


1st Prize: Get 9-10 questions correct - 25k of gold

2nd Prize: Get 7-8 questions correct - 10k of gold

Consolation Prize: Get 6 questions or less correct - 1k of gold and a cookie

1.) Which NPC says that he/she is going to open up a store?

    A. Horen
    B. Basil
    C. Kana
    D. Dingo

2.) What is the statue in the middle of the village?

    A. a cow
    B. the Statue of Liberty
    C. an old lady
    D. an angel

3.) There is a picture of an animal on the sandbag in the vill. What is it?

    A. a monkey
    B. a boar
    C. a cat
    D. a cow

4.) If you look at the middle of the vill, you will find a big picture on the floor. What is it?

    A. a kooii
    B. a boar
    C. a cow
    D. a woopa

5.) Which NPC sells default weapons?

    A. Kana
    B. Valcon
    C. Crimsonsabre Merchant
    D. Jedai

6.) Which two NPCs are twins in appearance (look exactly the same)?

    A. Juri and Kana
    B. Erante and the Supply Manager
    C. Black Trader and Trader
    D. Amy and Vellore

7.) Which NPC does NOT run any activites?

    A. Dungeon Keeper
    B. Vellore
    C. Arena Arbitter
    D. Battlefield Supervisor

8.) How many barrels are lying right next to Reader Lal?

   A. 1
   B. 2
   C. 3
   D. 24

9.) Which NPC has epic pancake flipping skillz?

   A. Basil
   B. Juri
   C. Aspirin
   D. Amy

10.) Which NPC sells potions?

       A. Kana
       B. Reader Lal
       C. Jedai
       D. Erante



--Meoow (KitCats)


--WindyXD (Darkwind)