lol sorry xD i couldnt figure out how to make a blog so here i am just popping back up :3 as most of you know i havent gotten on twom and xD i just wante to say hi n bleh its been sometime XD how is everyone? can soemone help me o.o n show me how to make a blog lol xD oh whats been happing, i moved away from twom not meaning to but i cant get connected to the wifi, and etc ipod acting up ^^ but im happy to say i moved to another game called Tamer Saga and lol well xD im a guide on the game soon to be a mod and then a GM ^^ but ill try sometime to get on twom :3 i love what you done with the place and broski xD gratz n make sure to have fun with the new map and everything x) i nee to get on twom to give away all my stuff lol xD but as you can see o.o idk if i can but most of the stuff i may have isnt worth much idk the market as i did n so forth so the stuff i have may only be worth like 1gold lol xD anyways im happy to see you all :D btw i heard whats with neon? how is everyone im super behind lol ^^' btw sorry happy late xmas and happy new years :3 i hope evryones doing fine sorry for making this into a page (idk how to do anything xD anymore lol)