Pirate-HatIn this page are all the top strongest members that Neon has to offer, this list will be regularly updated each week. If something is incorrect, please contact me (Beastdude)

EDIT: Due to the amount of ties, I had to make 5 tiers instead of just 5 members with their own spot. Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed to stay in this list forever. This list was created for the sole purpose of encouraging others to compete and to monitor each other's progress. No boasting in the comments please!

We are so glad that levels like this are in our guild. Thank you wonderful people and maniac trainers.


Tier Name Class Level
1. Beastdude Warrior 30
1. FaythJr Warrior 30
2. ChocoSword Warrior 29
2. Omega99 Warrior 29
2. TwirlWand Mage 29
3. Darksky13 Mage 27
3. Mason2000 Mage 27
4. badbob159 Warrior 26
4. bosnish Warrior 26
4. Hitomi10 Ranger 26
5. Herculian Ranger 25
5. jaykiller1 Mage 25
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