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Group hug x3

Hai > w <

It's Darksky13! DARKY WARKY MALARKY!! I will tell you the rules to be in the wonderful guild of NeoN.

1. We accept all levels, but you can't be really low like level 4.

2. You need to be active. Unless you are an officer and it is not an emergency, you can't reach the grey bubble on the guild list. If you do, you will be removed from the guild. If you start being active again, we will let you back in if we are still open.

3. You need to TALK. If you are just being in the guild and don't do anything, you will be removed. You need to communicate with us at least a little bit.

4. No begging. If you beg for any reason, it will not be tolerated. 

5. Don't beg to be an officer. If we have too many officers, we can't add more. We might ask you if you want to be officer if you're a person who follows the Officer Rules.

6. No inappropriate language. If you say inappropriate stuff, we will give you a warning. If you keep it up we will remove you from the guild. We might (MIGHT) let you back in if we really think its a good idea.

7. Dont pk certain high lvl siras because they take everything too seriously and then it might cause an unintentional war between guilds. Read our Wars and Truces page to know who and what guilds is/are our allies/enemies.

That's it for now ^-^Pirate-Hat

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