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  • Vocalism


    October 31, 2014 by Vocalism

    Whadda you mean "he posted a message on his wall?!" and why does it say 3 years ago?!




    Just ended watching the final episode of date a live season one...*twitch twitch*

    R.I.P  Neon W…

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  • Vocalism


    August 28, 2014 by Vocalism


    This here, umm yeah...its a blog, well thats what it says up there....somewhere. I know this wiki is practically dead. I really miss most of my friends, but when I got to try out if my phone worked,I logged on, all my good friends log on statuseseseseses were grey :c. At least I sill have Awwzumgirl and TrueTrue, but there…

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  • Hitomi10

    The reason for 'Spring' is that I live in New York, what's spring? My birthday is in a month, I'll be 12, yeah I'm just super young, aren't I? I kind of wish that Snow or sis, or Jay, or Blast even - someone from the old days, would talk or show up somewhere.

    I'm going to be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this F…

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  • Sparky123445

    Hi i have quit twom a very long time ago..

    ever since my poor xOreo BF2 camper got hacked...

    i tried to make other accounts to start playing twom again...

    but it seemed to be not as fun as the good ol' days...

    im missing everyone...


    ' )
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  • Hitomi10

    'Ello Dere :3

    November 3, 2013 by Hitomi10

    So, um, does anyone come on anymore? I check wiki everyday and 99% of the time nobody has edited, commented, or anything.. Are you guys even alive? 

    So, uh, 6th grade is too easy, I'm sick, and we doo too many essays, projects, and other shiz.

    How's life on the healthy side? I bet it's better than on the sick side.

    I'm bored so I …

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  • Aropruett

    Hey everyone from neon! :D It's me Toto again lol ^-^ I wanted to let you all know something... so I will be going into the navy and will be leaving at the end of dec, but theres a slim chance ill leave earlier like in nov. XD Honestly i can't wait and ive been running a lot getting read and more hehe... I want to try fo the se…

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  • Aropruett

    Toto was on 10/4/13

    October 5, 2013 by Aropruett

    Hey everyone, as some of you know I was on twom tonight... 

    The picture below is me playing off my laptop, I found a way lol but its a pain to play it on So broski Im sorry for not saying on much it was hard to click the letters ._. and i have to move the mouse over each letter xD lol gonna see if i can reporgram this to make it…

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  • ToriPear

    Contact meeeeeee

    September 26, 2013 by ToriPear

    Hey guys idk when ill be able to get on TWOM but i will try to as soon as i can tho im probably already kicked outta the guild =/ anyways if you still wanna chat im on here as much as i can orrrrrr you can get me on

    1. Kakao: VICTORIAtori
    2. Kik: ToriPeach
    3. Facebook: Tori Pear
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