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We will put quotes on this page quoted by our wonderful members of NeoN :D They can be funny, serious, weird, or even stupid. Anything works :3

xXsnwdropp(I didn't made it): "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

Blastion: "Screw 'em all. Kill all."

Wikia Contributer: No one deserves death.

idk really whats a quote :D xXsnwdropp: don't let your past hinder your future :)

Blastion: "idk you. gtfo."

Meoow: "Woopas are annoying my life -.-"

Rebeks:" I'm smexy "

Grace: " YOLO!! "


Blastion: "kkkkkkk"

WindyXD: "Shaddup Catson"

TouhouKing: " I don't know if I should take my shirt off or not because snw will want to look at my abs "

Beastdude: " i died ._. "

xXsnwdropp: " I love Yaoi "

Hitomi10: " lalala "

Touhouking: "Kooii"

Hitomi10: "Kooii"

Darksky13: "I love yuri and yaoi is gross"

xXsnwdropp: "Ties you to a tree"

Hitomi10: "Onii-san is adorable"

TouhouKing: "NO IM SMEXY ;) "

Beastdude: "Im your chicken"

Jesst7: "what you say"

Rebek: "Im the smexyer one"

Touhouking: " YURI RULES... YAOI SUCKS..."

Beastdude: "σ_σ not cool"

xXsnwdropp: "SHUT UP TOTO"

TouhouKing: "I'll kill you"

Darksky13: "KIll"

Darksky13: "Die"

Hitomi10: "I made daddy proud ~Music~(sun shine)"

badbob159: "im a barbie"

badbob159: "Hold on."

xxfoxface: "POPTARTS:"

Darksky13: "i want poptarts or ill die"

xxfoxface and Darksky13: "Poptarts make you high..."

xxfoxface: "RAINBOW!!!!!"

Hitomi10: "Fvck"

Darksky13: "stop cursing or ill kick you out"

Hitomi10: "your wouldn't dare"

TouhouKing: "but i would"

Hitomi10: "but you aren't the guild leader :3"

xXsnwdropp: "im snws sister"

Darksky13: "I ate to much sugar"

xXsnwdropp: "kooii my butt"

Beastdude: "im not ur mommy! >~<"

AmberWest: "Swag"

TouhouKing: "she must be on her period"

Darksky13: "PLL KILLZ YEW"

Darksky13: "FEAR THE PLL!!! FEAR IT!!! @,@"

xXsnwdropp's sister: "I HAVE BALLZ OF STEEL"

Darksky13: "All i hear is pretty music: lalalala"

bosnish: "I hate fear and BadMonkey :3"

SteveArrow: "-0- BOOOORING zzz nighty night turn off the lights ok? ZzzzzzzzZzz"

Hitomi10: "Only cool people have a pair of footy pajamas" 

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