In order to be an officer you must follow some very important rules. All officers must follow these rules otherwise they could lose their title. Our guild could have a maximum of 5 officers. To be an officer you must be well-known in the guild and set a good example for others. Officers need to be responsible. Once we reach our limit of officers, we won't make anyone else an officer. Keep in mind that being an officer does not put you above others.

Rule #1:

Officers should be friendly. You should never show any disrespect against the other members of the guild. Always be kind to your fellow guildmates.

Rule #2:

Officers should help other members. If a member needs someone to lure for them, go and volunteer if you have nothing else to do. If a member needs to borrow some money, lend them some money (this won't apply if the member is begging for money'). Basically, just be there for them when you are able to.

Rule #3:

Do not recruit random people. Don't recruit someone who has a bad reputation to cause trouble. Don't recruit scammers, hackers, trouble-makers, or rude people. If someone is interested in joining the guild, you should get to know the person a little better, and check with the guild before recruiting. This rule is very important. If you recruit a bad person, then the guild could be in jeopardy. 

Rule #4:

Officers should defend the guild. If one of our members seem to be mistreated by an outsider, defend him or her. If one of our members is being pked, go and kill the attacker (if you can). Help any members that are calling for help. Don't let our guild be trampled by our enemies.   

Rule #5:

Officers should be loyal to the guild. If you become an officer, then you are dedicated to the guild. You can't just leave the guild without having a very good reason. Once you leave the guild, you will never become an officer again (unless our guild master says otherwise). Always support your guild.

Rule #6:

Make sure all members show discipline. If someone in the guild is being rude to others and/or cursing a lot, then report it to the other officers in the guild and the guild master. First, make sure to give a kind warning to the person. If the person continues to be rude, then you should report it (via Whisper or Party chat).

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