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Neon is one of the most popular groups on The World of Magic on server TURTLEZ (Lanos). Guild Master is Darksky13, the cooliotasticalest crazy person ever. Neon is a active group on this server, there is always 3-19 people or more on every hour. Rules to be in Neon: In order to be in NeoN you most follow these rules that have been given to us by our founder, Darksky13. ( ~~ Pretty Little Liars~~ (Darksky13's obsession))

Should we keep or change our current gm(guildmark)?

The poll was created at 02:22 on July 23, 2012, and so far 25 people voted.


Sleepy-KooiiNeon Members

All members of Neon, Leader, Mods, and Members.

Top NeoN Members: Top players of Neon!!!!

Member Nicknames: Nicknames to almost every Neon Member in the Guild.

1.2 Pictures

Neon or TWOM Pictures!!

We will be adding random pictures to some of the pages or in the Picture Page, if you would like to see your own face, anime, or person in NeoN please PM a NeoN memeber or send to one of "US" Admins to add here. Thanks.

1.1 Links to TWOM Goods

                                                                                                          NEON RULES HECK YEAH!!!

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