~Here you will find all of the guilds/players that are either at war with us or have a truce with us.~

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, here's an explanation:

-- When we are at "war" with a guild or single player, that means that they will kill you just because you are in their enemy guild (NeoN). If you spot any of the following players or guilds, then please take caution. They could kill you even if they have a white name. If you think you could take any of our enemies, then feel free to pk them. We are, after all, at war.

-- When we have a "truce" with a guild or single player, that means that neither side are allowed to attack each other. If you spot any guilds/players that are in the truce list, then do NOT attack them. Attacking them would be violating the truce and can cause complications for both guilds. If they attack you, then you may report it to one of the officers in our guild or report it to our guildmaster so that we may take certain action. If you see a person of a truced guild getting pked or killed, help them out! There is a reason we have truces.

Kos ListEdit

Every guild/player in this list are dangerous and would kill you. This also means that you may kill them as you wish.






-Dherk (34 ranger)

-Jajaha (34 warrior)

-Promethean (19 warrior)

Truce ListEdit

Every guild/player in this list are friendlies, meaning that they won't attack you and you won't attack them.


- Fatality (Pk ONLY in beach/ lh beach)




- DarkWind

- SteveArrow

- K1TT

- xOreo

- GigaMage

Friend GuildsEdit

These are our friend guilds where many nice people have been associated with our guild and still keep in touch. (This only applies to Lanos guilds)

- DragonFury


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