Over the history of NeoN, we have had MANY guildmarks. If i were to count just how many guildmarks we've had since NeoN started, I would say we've had 10+. In order to keep track of our guildmark history, we will post all info and photos of some of the guildmarks that we've made. Most of the guildmarks were created by Hitomi10.

Note: As of 5/31/13, only our past guildmarks will be shown on this page. The reason we won't put our current guildmark is to avoid another guild copying it.

Kooii GuildmarkEdit


Kooii :3

This was once one of our favorite guildmarks. As you can see, it's a kooii with slanty tired eyes and different colored stripes on its face. This guildmark was created by Hitomi10.

1st Gen GuildmarkEdit

Photo (11)

Best photo i could find..

This is our very first guildmark. Once NeoN started, this was the guildmark we started off with. If you look closely enough, you will notice the name NeoN with the letters grouped together with different colors. This guildmark was created by our guild master, Darksky13.

2nd Gen GuildmarkEdit

Photo (3)


This guildmark shows many different red and black blocks surrounding a small green block in the center. All the blocks have black stripes going through them. This guildmark was created by Hitomi10.

3rd Gen GuildmarkEdit

Photo (4)

Our current guildmark

This is our previous guildmark, created by Hitomi10. It shows a swirling vortex of many different colors. We've had this guildmark longer than any of the other 3. We later changed it due to a siras guild copying it.

4th Gen GuildmarkEdit

This is our newest guild mark! Featuring many new colors and amazing things xD

NO ONE WILL EVER FIGURE IT OUT!!!! When I mean no one. I mean peoplez from Tropic guild. tyvm. 

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