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In this page, we will post competitions that will be held either on twom or here in the wikia.

Competitions will include:

-- Trivia Competition

-- PK Competition

-- Leveling Up Competition

-- and more coming soon...

Trivia CompetitionEdit

Soon we will post a trivia competition which includes...well....trivia. The one who answers most of the questions correctly will be awarded. In case of a tie at the end, a tie-breaker will be issued. Reward provided by badbob159.


-- A pet (to be decided)

-- other


-- Twom Village Trivia

PK Competition [Discontinued]Edit

This competition is all about pking (player killing). The one who kills the most sirans wins. Keep in mind that this competition is still on the works.

Note: This competition has been discontinued due to the new update that makes red names and black names permanent for a set amount of time.


-- 20k of gold

Leveling Up CompetitionEdit

More info will come soon..


-- A pet (to be decided)

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